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Metro Infusion Center provides numerous amenities to make patients and their families feel right at home.

Every Metro Infusion Center facility offers well-equipped treatment rooms, comfortable infusion seating, large-screen televisions, diverse reading materials, and waiting-room wi-fi. Specific additional amenities vary by location.

Weekend and evening appointments available upon request. 

Request An Appointment: Metro Infusion Center can’t guarantee requested appointments but we will do our best to accommodate you. To streamline your request, make sure your physician has submitted the prescription for your treatment.

Many convenient Infusion therapy locations.

Metro Infusion Center has one of the largest networks of infusion centers in the nation with many locations, offering care at times convenient for you. Find an infusion center near you.

Comprehensive insurance support.

Metro Infusion Center’s unique patient financial support ensures quick insurance approvals and low out-of-pocket costs. Learn more about our infusion therapy insurance specialists.

At Metro Infusion Center you will enjoy:

  • High-quality infusion care, at costs far less than hospital-based care
  • Infusion treatment rooms, with many comforts to make you feel at home
  • Experienced, credentialed, and caring infusion nursing staff
  • Flexible IV therapy appointment times
  • Many convenient infusion centers with easy access
  • Physician-supervised infusions to mitigate any reactions or complications
  • Comprehensive insurance support to expedite authorizations and reduce out-of-pocket expense
  • Special support, pumps, and rooms for pediatric patients
  • Clinical pharmacy services, ensuring monitoring for compliance, drug interactions, and laboratory results
  • Maximum comfort, dignity, and discretion