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A Message From Our Medical Director: COVID – 19 INFORMATION FOR PATIENTS

Metro Infusion Center is concerned with your ongoing health. As such we remain open to provide you with the most effective and efficient infusion therapy. We are fully prepared to protect you and all other patients with appropriate infection control interventions. We remain available during this difficult time and look forward to seeing you in the near future. Read more.


Infusions and other intravenous treatments can be lengthy-or even lifetime-commitments. It’s essential to find an infusion therapy partner who cares about your wellness and your expense.



From flexible appointments, convenient locations, to our comprehensive insurance support, Metro Infusion Center has everything you need to make your visit comfortable and hassle-free.



Fax your patient’s orders and insurance information to our office, and we will verify insurance coverage, coordinate benefits, schedule the patient’s initial visit, and follow up after infusions.


Metro Infusion Center offers a comfortable, welcoming environment to get the infusion therapy you need to help you feel well again.

From the moment you schedule an initial visit, our team approaches your situation with knowledge, kindness, and compassion, listening to you closely and creating a comprehensive plan of care.

Every Metro Infusion Center practitioner maintains an expert knowledge of all infusions we deliver, understanding every aspect of dosing, administration, reporting, and follow up care. Learn more about Metro Infusion Center Patient Support.

You have a choice. If you would like Metro Infusion Center to become your new infusion or injection treatment provider it’s easy!

With outpatient centers across the United States, Metro Infusion Center provides the broadest arrays infusion and injection therapy for patients with ongoing care needs.

Our state-of-the-art facilities offer the latest technologies and medicines, while our attentive, compassionate physicians and nurses go above and beyond to make sure you get the highest quality care. Metro Infusion Centers is one of the most tenured, full-service, infusion therapy centers in the United States.

Weekend and evening appointment hours available upon request.

Metro Infusion Center infusion clinics offer convenience, privacy, comfort, and scheduling flexibility to accommodate your busy lifestyle.

Our comprehensive insurance support is second to none.

Metro Infusion Center’s patient financial support ensures quick insurance approvals and low out-of-pocket costs. Our staff will also go the extra mile to research and identify any pharmaceutical rebates that may apply, to help make your treatment as affordable as possible.

Learn more about the Treatment and Care Metro Infusion Center provides.

Choosing Metro Infusion Center Over Hospital-Based Infusions

*Data provided from ICORE Healthcare 2010 report.

When you’re recovering from an illness or condition, the last place you want to return to is the hospital.

Metro Infusion Center strives to deliver services that streamline healthcare and improve patients’ lives. Our conveniently located offices offer outpatient infusions, giving you the flexibility to receive your therapies in a non-hospital setting.

In addition to the stress of getting around the buildings, and parking hassles, standalone infusion centers such as Metro Infusion Center cost an average of 53% less* than those provided at a hospital.

Learn more about the benefits of choosing Metro Infusion Center over hospital-based infusions.

“You greeted us warmly every single morning for seven weeks. You never failed to offer us coffee, or encouragement. You answered all of our questions thoroughly and patiently. You shared your lives with us: happy stories about your families and activities. You consistently did all of this for all of your patients. Your teamwork and professionalism are outstanding!” — Shelia and Jim Ward