Infusions and other intravenous treatments can be lengthy — or even lifetime — commitments. It’s essential to find a partner who cares about your wellness, and your expense.


What Will My Insurance Cover?

Metro Infusion Center puts your mind at ease. Whatever your therapy, our friendly staff manages all the issues affecting treatment expense and reimbursements.

We work daily with insurance carriers, guarantors, ACA providers, and Medicare providers, leveraging our knowledge and relationships to keep your out-of-pocket costs as low as possible. We also stay abreast of pharmaceutical programs, allowing you to benefit from all available rebates.

Over the years, we’ve implemented a multi-step system to ensure our patients’ quickest approvals and lowest out-of-pocket costs.

For every new biologic patient, Metro Infusion Center insurance coordinators:

  • Process your physician referral faxed to (866) 507-1164 or (630) 734-7597
  • Verify your benefits, confirming your prescribed drug is covered
  • Obtain insurer approval and notify your physician
  • Explore relevant drug assistance programs, rebates, and other cost-saving opportunities
  • Contact you and discuss your benefits, potential rebates and drug assistance programs, and out-of-pocket costs (if any)
  • Schedule your first appointment, reviewing any questions you may have

Because of our strong relationships with insurers, all steps are typically handled within 24-48 hours — helping you start your treatment and feel better sooner.

Metro Infusion Center welcomes insurance coverage from almost every major and regional provider.

Learn more about Metro Infusion Center’s unique, compassionate approach to care and why patients continue to choose Metro Infusion Center for all their infusion needs.

FLEXIBLE APPOINTMENT TIMES: With many locations, Metro Infusion Center has one of the largest networks of infusion centers in the nation, offering care at times convenient for you.

Metro Infusion Center graciously welcomes new, physician-referred patients to all of our centers. To streamline your request, make sure your physician has submitted the prescription for your treatment.  


Several rebate and financial assistance programs are available to qualifying patients. As of April 2016, these include: