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Every Metro Infusion Center practitioner maintains an expert knowledge of all infusions we deliver, understanding every aspect of dosing, administration, reporting, and follow-up care.

Get the infusion treatment you need to help you feel well again.

We understand that the infusion process can be unfamiliar and even daunting to patients and their families. So, from the moment you schedule an initial visit, our team approaches your situation with knowledge, kindness, and compassion, listening to your situation closely and creating a comprehensive plan of care.

Metro Infusion Center treats the following conditions.

The duration of your particular infusion will vary based on your prescribed pharmaceutical or biologic.

Your nurse can provide you with more exact times. Before your infusion, drink plenty of non-caffeinated liquids, and get a good night’s rest. Metro Infusion Center will advise you if your specific infusion requires fasting.

Wear comfy clothes and bring your ID and insurance card. If possible, have a friend or loved one drive you for your treatment. Feel free to bring any reading materials or activities to keep you occupied. Learn more about your first infusion treatment here.

When you’re recovering from an illness or condition, the last place you want to return to is the hospital.

Metro Infusion Center strives to deliver services that streamline healthcare and improve patients’ lives. Our conveniently located offices offer outpatient infusions, giving you the flexibility to receive your therapies in a non-hospital setting.

In addition to the stress of getting around the buildings, and parking hassles, standalone infusion centers such as Metro Infusion Center cost an average of 53% less* than those provided at a hospital. Learn more about the benefits of choosing Metro Infusion Center over hospital-based infusions.

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Metro Infusion Center can’t guarantee the requested appointments but we will do our best to accommodate you. To streamline your request, make sure your physician has submitted the prescription for your treatment. Request An Appointment