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For those who suffer from the painful symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis and other joint-related conditions, Orencia may help.

As one of the leading rheumatoid arthritis infusion centers, Metro Infusion Center offers a broad array of medicines, backed by extensive Rheumatoid Arthritis aptitude.

In people with autoimmune disorders such as RA, the immune system mistakes the body’s own cells for invaders and attacks them. ORENCIA (abatacept) prevents your body’s immune system from attacking healthy tissues and joints.

Infusion length is approximately 30 minutes once a month, plus preparation and observation times. Dosage will depend on your weight, so Metro Infusion Center will weigh you prior to your treatment and make adjustments in consultation with your doctor should your weight change.

ORENCIA is not a cure for any autoimmune disorder and will only treat the symptoms of your condition. Discuss the risks and benefits with your physician and Metro Infusion Center infusion provider.

We offer high-quality, compassionate care for infusion and injection therapy patients at all of our locations. 

We offer state-of-the-art facilities and amenities like wi-fi and cozy blankets to keep patients warm during their treatments. You can rest assured that we take the best care of our patients during treatment.

Our caring team members are always going above and beyond to offer a kind word or answer questions about treatments. And we have knowledgeable staff you can call if you have any questions about insurance coverage for your treatments. 

Count On Us

Receiving infusion or injection therapy treatments can feel overwhelming to patients. Our knowledgeable team members are highly trained in administering treatments and providing high-quality care. Beyond that, our team members take the time to get to know patients and make them feel more at home while they receive their treatments. It puts them at ease, and you can rest assured as their physician that they are receiving compassionate care of the highest quality. 

Metro Infusion Center has 140 plus locations nationwide.

Request an appointment today. To streamline your request, make sure your physician has submitted the prescription for your treatment. Metro Infusion Center can’t guarantee requested appointments, but we will do our best to accommodate you. Find a Metro Infusion Center near you.

“You greeted us warmly every single morning for seven weeks. You never failed to offer us coffee, or encouragement. You answered all of our questions thoroughly and patiently. You shared your lives with us: happy stories about your families and activities. You consistently did all of this for all of your patients. Your teamwork and professionalism are outstanding!” — Shelia and Jim