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Who We Are
Metro Infusion Center is a state-of-the-art ambulatory care facility providing a wide range of infusion therapies. From our highly skilled nursing staff, to our friendly and comfortable treatment environment, we deliver the highest quality patient care.

How We Can Help You
Experts in infusion therapy, our team works seamlessly with referring physicians to ensure all medication is delivered safely, affordably, and efficiently. Our highly trained Certified Registered Infusion Nurses (CRNIs) administer infusions for:

Disease States

 Arthritis • Asthma   • Crohn's Disease • Immune Deficiencies • Infectious Diseases • Multiple Sclerosis  • Neoplastic Diseases • Neurological Diseases • Psoriasis Psoriatic • Rheumatoid Arthritis • Transplant Recovery • Ulcerative Colitis   

Antibiotics • Anti Rejection Therapies • Benlysta® • Chemotherapy • Cimzia® • Genetic Disorder Replacement • Injectible Therapies • IVIG •
IV Steroids • Orencia® • Nulojix® • Prolia® • Reclast® • Remicade® • Rituxan®  • Tysabri® •Xolair®

You Can Depend on Our Expertise
At Metro Infusion Center, our licensed CRNI's are continually trained in the latest techniques and pharmaceuticals. One call to our office and we will verify insurance coverage, coordinate benefits, schedule the patient's initial visit, and any follow up infusions. We also handle coding and billing for any treatments provided. With a reputation for providing high quality, cost efficient care, Metro Infusion Center is quickly becoming the preferred choice among physicians, insurers, and patients.

How Can We Serve You?
With many convenient locations          
Metro Infusion Center is ideally situated to serve you. Our friendly staff will help you find treatment times and locations that accommodate your busy schedule. For more information, call (877) 448-3627 to speak to a Nursing Intake Coordinator.

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