Metro Infusion Center Adds 18 locations

Metro Infusion Center Adds 18 locations, bringing total to over 60 convenient U.S. sites


Metro Infusion Center, one of the nation’s most highly recognized and regarded infusion providers, recently added 18 new locations, bringing the total to more than 60 convenient, full-service infusion sites across the U.S.

The expansion of Metro Infusion Center locations is in response to a growing demand for convenient, lower-cost services that avoid the potential difficulties and extensive red tape associated with assimilating into complex hospital-based infusion programs.

“Over the years there’s been a steady increase in the number of patients demanding options when it comes to receiving the essential infusion services their healthcare requires,” says Russel Petrak M.D., Managing Partner Metro Infusion Center. “Patients requiring infusion have enough stress in their lives and do not need additional pressures trying to assimilate into inflexible hospital-based infusion programs that can require long commutes, inconvenient hours and escalated costs.”

Aside from the obvious challenges of a hospital, from unaccommodating schedules and long commutes to dealing with crowded parking lots, stand-alone infusion centers cost an average of 53% less than those same services rendered at a hospital.

“Since Metro Infusion Center does not charge facility fees, a patient’s out-of-pocket expense is typically much less than other locations,” says Petrak. “Through our program, you can choose to have all infusion therapies and services coordinated through our office. Metro Infusion Center will then monitor your therapies and coordinate your ongoing care with your primary or referring physician.”

Metro Infusion Center offers a comfortable, welcoming environment to get patients the infusion therapy they need to help them feel well again. The state-of-the-art facilities offer the latest technologies and medicines, while experienced, compassionate physicians and nurses go above and beyond to make sure patients get the highest quality care.

“When you are at a Metro Infusion Center, you feel a lot more normal that you do being at a hospital. Hospitals are for treating sick people, and many of our patients don’t want to feel like they’re sick – they want to feel like they are well,” says Tara Wehlus, Metro Infusion Center Infusion Nurse Coordinator. “That’s what we try to provide here – that feeling of wellness.”

With locations in 17 states, including Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Arizona, Alabama, Iowa, Florida, Virginia, California, Georgia, Ohio, Kentucky, South Carolina, Kansas, Missouri Wisconsin and Maryland, Metro Infusion Center is able to offer their state-of-the-art infusion services program to entire regional areas and to patients who previously had no options other than the single, often-inconvenient locales and schedule times dictated by their area hospital.

“For more than two decades, Metro Infusion Center has delivered one of the broadest arrays of infusion treatments available anywhere,” says Petrak. “Our efforts to expand those services to a larger U.S. footprint will help patients save money, find more convenient infusion options and provide stress-free navigation for insurance and primary care providers.”