You have a choice. If you would like Metro Infusion Center to become your new infusion or injection treatment provider it’s easy!

Metro Infusion Center staff will also go the extra mile to research and identify any pharmaceutical rebates that may apply, to help make your treatment as affordable as possible.

  • Request an appointment or call us at (877) 448-3627
  • We will obtain insurer approval and notify your physician
  • Our insurance specialist will explore relevant drug assistance programs, rebates, and other cost-saving opportunities on your behalf
  • We will contact you and discuss your benefits, potential rebates and drug assistance programs, and out-of-pocket costs (if any)
  • Then we schedule your first appointment, reviewing any questions you may have

“You greeted us warmly every single morning for seven weeks. You never failed to offer us coffee, or encouragement. You answered all of our questions thoroughly and patiently. You shared your lives with us: happy stories about your families and activities. You consistently did all of this for all of your patients. Your teamwork and professionalism are outstanding!”

Shelia and Jim Ward