Unprecedented growth at Metro Infusion Center, the nation’s largest infusion provider, continues to fuel the hiring of new team members for the highly-touted infusion specialist which currently has more than 70 convenient, full-service infusion sites across the U.S. The ongoing expansion of Metro Infusion Center locations is a direct response to a growing demand for more personalized, convenient and lower-cost infusion programs.

According to Russel Petrak M.D., Managing Partner Metro Infusion Center, the continued escalation of Metro Infusion Center hiring across the nation reflects on the incredible growth associated with the more than 20-year-old company, which offers locations in 18 states.

“We are one of the most highly recognized and regarded infusion providers in the U.S. This really does give us the opportunity to recruit the very best and brightest in all infusion specialties,” says Petrak. “Overall, I am so proud of the team we have assembled and it is our utmost priority to continue to add talent to our teams at every level.”

Metro Infusion Center has been recognized for offering a comprehensive benefits package, including attractive medical/dental/vision care and flexible shifts, as well as paid professional training and educational opportunities.

“With the growth that Metro Infusion Center has exhibited over the last few years, not to mention the projected growth we see on the horizon, we have been fortunate to be in a position to attract and hire an impressive level of specialists for our current teams across the nation,” Petrak says. “Our team of infusion nurses, pharmacists, infectious disease specialists, and physicians bring collective expertise that’s second to none.”

Renown for offering a comfortable, welcoming environment for patients receiving infusion therapy, Metro Infusion Center is equally committed to an outstanding working environment for every employee.

The state-of-the-art facilities offer the latest technologies and medicines, while experienced, compassionate teams go above and beyond to make sure patients get the highest quality care.

“It has been our experience that by offering the opportunity to be part of a growing company, coupled with an equally impressive compensation package, we tend to attract the industry’s brightest stars,” Petrak says. “It can be very humbling sometimes to look around and see the incredible collection of talent at Metro Infusion Center, but for all of our renown commitment to patient care, we are just as committed to creating a working environment for our employees to be happy, productive and capable of retaining the very best in the industry.”

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